Throat Chakra

Soulmates versus Soul Ties.

The 9th Sense

I’ve struggled with this topic a lot but I just cannot…Y’all listen.

Have you ever had someone you wanted to let go of soooooooo bad? Just wanted to forget them or wish you never met them like Trina? He was like a bad cold I couldn’t shake for the life of me.

I never saw our relationship being this crippling to me; but I never fell for anyone the way I was into you. Man I had it bad for you because I saw forever with you… This unruly connection had me out of character, I just KNEW he was my soul mate. They said if you love them you let them go and if they love you they come back. So though we had our differences he returned as my feelings never left. I was so far gone in your return, I had to dead us the second timejust…

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