Throat Chakra

Camping for the first time….


A few weeks ago, I decided to go camping for a weekend and it was such an amazing experience. Working in the mental health can be very challenging sometimes and I get overwhelmed with life very quick. Now one thing I learned in grad school was that self-care is extremely important. It’s so easy for me to neglect the idea of taking care of myself when I’m swap with things to do. I needed a peace of mind and even though camping was something “simple” to do, it felt like luxury. Growing up in inner city life as I a child, camping was never an option on my “fun” list of things in the summer. So of course going camping at the age of 24 for the FIRST time in LIFE was a HUGE deal!

Not one skyscraping building on site! that made me nervous! Curvy roads, no city lights, no food markets, no gas stations, water wells, endless land, bear, not a public school, corner store insight and most importantly, phone reception. “What the fuck, how am I going to survive?” was the thought lingering!

After a two-hour drive, we arrived at the camp site. My heart sunk, I felt like I was in a really bad old horror movie. We weren’t allowed to shower, the camps had spiders and the toilet…. well I just leave that one alone. I assumed that this was going to be a back experience, but it was TOP ten the best things I’ve ever done.

This was a great way to immerse myself in nature for the weekend! Hiking was the only thing I wanted to do. Hiking was so exciting, my mood changed and I became less stressed. Admiring the scenery, the distance hiking up the mountain didn’t matter. I felt nothing but freedom.

DSCN9530By dark, my concerns were no longer concerns. I enjoyed being unavailable, I enjoyed not having to worry about anything, I enjoyed the sound of the streams, the frogs, night creatures and whistling wind. I enjoyed lighting a campfire, bonding with strangers and telling stories. Most of all, I enjoyed meditating, connecting with myself, stargazing and having peace.

I was rejuvenated after this trip, I wished I went camping as kid. When you avoid things that make you feel mentally and physically well, little things will take a toll on you. Self-care only works when you listen to your body without resistance. My body was telling me I needed a break and it was time to do something for me! I was relaxed, free and I felt great. Always take care of yourself, listen to your body and NEVER put yourself last…




Solar Chakra

Stop impressing…

Lately. . . .

After reflecting on my day and reading this quote, I realized that when I interact with certain individuals in particular settings I attempt to impress them. 

Now I’m questioning why do I do that? Why don’t I realize it at that given moment? Was I attention seeking ? Was this apart of my insecurities? 

Why am I attempting to impress? 

Trying to impress others does nothing but hurt the individual trying to hard. I’m realizing that I don’t surround myself around individuals who think highly of me, so I try to change people perception of me. I tend to feel like I don’t fit in or I can’t be myself around others. Sadly when I’m around people you might think I should be comfortable around I feel the same. I feel like I’m not loved, unappreciated, unnoticed, etc…

How I would address the issue moving forward

My actions stem from a lack of confidence and an abundance of insecurities. I have to try focusing on how to build up my self-confidence, becoming more open minded, accepting things for what they are, and increasing self-awareness. 

For those who can relate keep in mind that you are perfect no matter what emotions you’re feeling. No need to impress when you’re already impressive! 

Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

A day in the park.


When spring comes around I love to work outside. As I type away on my laptop, I couldn’t help but to be distracted by my beautiful surroundings. I love to see other people enjoy the park just as much as I do, the families, the music, the flowers, the birds, I could keep going….

Things I enjoyed while at the park:

DSCN9414The relationship between bees and flowers…..


Noticing the little things…..

DSCN9392The feeling of the sun on my skin….

DSCN9469The waves of the water……

DSCN9439Nautical dusk……

These distractions assisted with my mental fatigue. I was calm, I was relaxed and I was restoring my mind!


Third Eye Chakra, Uncategorized

“New Beginnings”

This week I developed a new motto, well more like a phrase that sums up my explanation for my actions. “New Beginnings” has been my answer for everything this week.

Now before my “new beginnings” journey, I was so wrapped up in the wrong things and associated with the wrong people. For a long time, I felt like everything was taking a complete toll on me, from bad relationships, friendships, professional relationships, etc.. The list could go on. I instantly became overwhelmed with life changes and often felt depressed, but mostly alone. So, I decided to sit down, meditate, and have a long discussion with myself and some higher being. I concluded that I wanted a change!

I woke up the next morning and felt different. I sat in my car and before I know it I changed my number and deleted my WhatsApp account, my mind was moving so fast. I felt great for some reason  and nothing mattered anymore, I had a different attitude, different perception on how I wanted to live my life and the people I want to share my energy with.

This week has been amazing thus far, every day I woke up with feeling better and better. Now usually when I change my number I send out a mass text, but this time I can count my hand how many individuals have my number out of family and friends.

I came across a quote I noticed that was weirdly already my Whatsapp account status when I created a new one. The quote “I am thankful for those who left me. Because they taught me I can do it alone”- Chanakya. Clearly the person previously associated with my new number was in my head!!

I began to evaluate my life as I did the other day, but this time instead of being sappy I was thankful. Without those tremendous hurdles, loss of friendships, jobs, and better half’s, I will not be the strong individual I am currently or at least trying to be.  

Crown Chakra


Today I decided to cleanse my home by burning sage my co-worker kindly brought me as a house warming gift. I’ve never burned sage before so I was a little skeptical about the energy I was welcoming into my home. I done tons of researched and realized that burning sage was the beginning of my journey to finding peace.

I learned that burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people or space. White sage particularly is the best for these purposes. They say smoke from dried sage changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response. So as instructed from research I began my cleansing session from the back of the house (bedroom) and worked my way up to the front (living room/ Kitchen). I made sure in my bedroom I went from corner to corner, on top and underneath by bed, while opening all my drawers and closet door. Once done with my room I closed the door so the smoke could work its magic, I did the same after cleansing every aspect of my bathroom as well. While I’m moving from corner to corner I chanted “please release all negative energy from my home” while inviting positive energy in. I repeated this method in my living room, kitchen (while all drawers open) and laundry room.

Once done with my home I decided to cleanse myself. I feathered to direct the smoke over my body from my feet up to my head, then back down again. Hoping to erase all negative energy from my life. I then open my bedroom and bathroom door so all the smoke can travel throughout my apartment. I gently sat my bowl on the table and let the sage burnout on its own. After 15 minutes, I opened my balcony and front door clearing out the smoke and negative energy, and proceed to burn frankincense to balance the energy. I felt amazing after!