Heart Chakra, Root Chakra, Solar Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra

Day 3

Word choice: Beyond, Circumstance, Joy


I try to never let negative people and horrible circumstances steal my joy. One bad situation can bring stress upon anyone and how you react to it determines your emotional state. I read a book by Robert Schram called “Maximize Life by Living for Peace, Harmony and Joy.” In this book, her states “bring joy to wherever you go and do not react to circumstances. You make your own circumstances and can change those that discourage, or bring you and others down” (Schram, pp. 281). He helped me realize that no matter the circumstances are every situation has potential to bring gratitude and happiness to your life. Nowadays I attempt shed light on everything even if it’s the hardest thing to do. Be the light and shine light one.













Sacral Chakra, Solar Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra

Seven Days of Affirmations

I’m doing the seven days of affirmations presented by the lovely journalist Alex Elle.
Its day two and I am a bit behind on the challenged but better late than never right! As a counselor, I educate my clients on gratitude journals and positive affirmations, but never really took the time to try it out myself so here it goes. It’s not easy to think of positive things to say and I never really say anything positive about myself.
Dates: 7/17-7/24

Day1: Word choice are Love, Prevails and Trials


Life is a big method of trial and error. Some people tend to be discourage when they have attempted to do something and failed in the process. Personally, I keep trying until the success is achieved but some people might just give up. Example of Trial and Error in my life: Last post I talked about going biking, now I didn’t know how to ride the bike but I kept trying until it became natural to ride. Some things in life require you to fail, it’s simply a lesson. Just because you failed at doing something doesn’t make you a failure but it should motivate the person to want to do better or at least learn from their experiences.

Day2: Word choice Hurt, Healing, Forward


If you ever been hurt your bound to feel vulnerable, it’s natural. I’ve been hurt several times and angry with everyone. I decided to be miserable and dwelled on being hurt than trying to move forward. When your hurt you tend to feel stuck in one place and you get nowhere. I used to question how do I get through this? where so I start in order to move forward? why am I not strong enough? Or often compared my misery to others. Healing isn’t an easy process, but if learn ways to cope with your emotions or have a support circle it can be. Choose progression and growth over any obstacle in life.

Throat Chakra

Camping for the first time….


A few weeks ago, I decided to go camping for a weekend and it was such an amazing experience. Working in the mental health can be very challenging sometimes and I get overwhelmed with life very quick. Now one thing I learned in grad school was that self-care is extremely important. It’s so easy for me to neglect the idea of taking care of myself when I’m swap with things to do. I needed a peace of mind and even though camping was something “simple” to do, it felt like luxury. Growing up in inner city life as I a child, camping was never an option on my “fun” list of things in the summer. So of course going camping at the age of 24 for the FIRST time in LIFE was a HUGE deal!

Not one skyscraping building on site! that made me nervous! Curvy roads, no city lights, no food markets, no gas stations, water wells, endless land, bear, not a public school, corner store insight and most importantly, phone reception. “What the fuck, how am I going to survive?” was the thought lingering!

After a two-hour drive, we arrived at the camp site. My heart sunk, I felt like I was in a really bad old horror movie. We weren’t allowed to shower, the camps had spiders and the toilet…. well I just leave that one alone. I assumed that this was going to be a back experience, but it was TOP ten the best things I’ve ever done.

This was a great way to immerse myself in nature for the weekend! Hiking was the only thing I wanted to do. Hiking was so exciting, my mood changed and I became less stressed. Admiring the scenery, the distance hiking up the mountain didn’t matter. I felt nothing but freedom.

DSCN9530By dark, my concerns were no longer concerns. I enjoyed being unavailable, I enjoyed not having to worry about anything, I enjoyed the sound of the streams, the frogs, night creatures and whistling wind. I enjoyed lighting a campfire, bonding with strangers and telling stories. Most of all, I enjoyed meditating, connecting with myself, stargazing and having peace.

I was rejuvenated after this trip, I wished I went camping as kid. When you avoid things that make you feel mentally and physically well, little things will take a toll on you. Self-care only works when you listen to your body without resistance. My body was telling me I needed a break and it was time to do something for me! I was relaxed, free and I felt great. Always take care of yourself, listen to your body and NEVER put yourself last…